ABOUT Denise Montgomery

Denise Montgomery was the tall, lanky, slightly nerdy kid you see on the playground in the corner reading a book. It was not that she planned it that way; it was due more to circumstances beyond her control. At an early age, she developed a skin condition that forced her to stay inside during summer vacations. She referred to it as an allergy to summer. Being allergic to summer would have been a curse to most kids, but It was during this time alone that she would read and fantasize about faraway places.

Over the years the skin condition disappeared like it never happened, but her love for reading and writing had set up permanent residence in her heart.

Her love for writing began to show up in short stories and poems that she would write about imaginary adventures. In June of 2012, Denise wrote and published her first children’s book, Farmer Brown, and Lady Madelyn The Children’s Story. A delightful tale of a simple-minded farmer and his innocent wife’s search for children to love and care for.

Denise turned her attention from children’s fiction books to novels. In late 2014 she published, The Blessing an intense suspense-filled thriller about abuse and betrayal. In 2015 she published her second fiction novel, The Setup, a fast-paced page-turner of love gone awry.

In 2018 after attending a book convention Denise went back to her first love. She began writing her second children’s book based on a real-life experience. I Want to Go is set in the 1960s during the time of segregation in the south.

She has one handsome son, who is her pride and job. She resides in Texas where it is hot all the time. She teaches GED classes and runs a non-profit for the poor.


I Want to Go

“I think I told you no gal! Now you get yourself on out of here before I call the police.”

Thelma was frozen in that spot. I do not think I have ever seen her this angry. That had to be why she took the cup of Black Cherry soda and dashed it in the white man’s face.

Before either of us could flinch, the man was over the counter. He grabbed Thelma by the arm. “You are one crazy Nigg—, You will be sorry you ever stepped foot in this fair

The Setup

James looked at me without batting an eye. “I know what you are thinking, and it won’t work. There is no way you are getting out of here without drinking that soda, so you may as well go ahead and get it over with.”

“James, I don’t even know you. Why are you doing this to me?”

“Well, Little Girl you are just like all the rest of the stupid woman that come in this club. Coming in here picking up men is just a game to you. Well, I am going to play the game with you. Now drink up, we have some place to go.” He moved the glass closer to me.

The Blessing

“OK, Sleeping Beauty, it’s time to get down to business. How did you get your hand untied? You must have twisted and turned in your sleep.”

That was my father in the next room about to kill his next victim. All I could do was watch as he re-tied her hands and picked up his knife. This was nothing more than business as usual for him.

Farmer Brown and Lady Madelyn

The Children’s Story

“Do you think the boy will come out again tonight?” Horace the goat asked. “That would certainly make the Browns happy. I wish there were something we could do to make certain that he comes out again tonight. Not just the one child, but all of the children.”

Wilbur, the Goat, was standing outside the window and he overheard the entire conversation that Lucy and Horace were having about bringing all the children to the farm.

“Oh darn! I knew I could not trust that dumb old Owl. His dumb idea will bring a whole barrel of kids here. Well, that will never do!”

The Blind Spot

Book 1 of The Blind Series

The Blind Spot, Janna’s Story, takes the reader on a thrilling adventure with Janna Lindley. Janna led a quiet sheltered life with her mother until she met David, the love of her life, on a beach in Galveston. Their whirlwind romance was more than Janna could have ever imagined for a quiet, shy school girl from the south side of Dallas. Now Janna finds herself involved in a romance where it’s all in or nothing.

Blind Betrayal

Out Now On All Platforms

Blind Betrayal is a suspense-filled thriller that will leave you guessing to the end. A book for all ages and stages of life, as listeners will enjoy and identify with the characters and plot.

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