“I think I told you no gal! Now you get yourself on out of here before I call the police.”

Thelma was frozen in that spot. I do not think I have ever seen her this angry. That had to be why she took the cup of Black Cherry soda and dashed it in the white man’s face.

Before either of us could flinch, the man was over the counter. He grabbed Thelma by the arm. “You are one crazy Nigg—, You will be sorry you ever stepped foot in this fair

Jack Magnus

Montgomery’s story is a compelling one. Her characters, especially the effervescent and infinitely hopeful Rene and her best friend, James, are marvelous, richly detailed, and very much alive. The plot blends history with a particularly poignant coming of age story. While this is geared toward children and preteens, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it for high school students and adults. Rene’s story is too important for us all not to know about it. I Want to Go! is most highly recommended.