The Blessing

blessing 3

     Growing up in the hills of Arkansas; life wasn’t easy for Emily Holmes. Her father had deadly secrets and her mother told lies to cover this up.   At sixteen Emily has had enough, she leaves home. Alone, hungry and afraid she fines herself on the cold street of an  Arizona town. Desperate for someone to hold onto, for anyone that can fill the void in her life.

      She meets Jeff. The happiness she’s longed for is finally within her reach.  Then Jeff gets a call from his past. He has to go back to Arkansas.

Emily has to face her past.  She has to come to terms with the demons she left behind.

The move back to Arkansas changes Jeff in unimaginable ways. Emily’s life has become a cycle of endless abuse, violence, and constant hunger.  How will she survive? Sheer determination and a voice on the inside is all she has left to hang onto.

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