The Setup

The Setup received a 5-star rating in a recent review by Reader’s Favorite. Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

The Setup by Denise Montgomery is a beautiful and fast-paced inspirational story of a woman’s struggle to reconcile with an abusive relationship and to find freedom in her spiritual path, an engaging story of friendship, love, and hope in a most trying of times for a young woman. It is supposed to be a simple birthday celebration between two friends. At least that is what Marie and Cathy think when they agree to go out of their city, but the game changes when James Littleton comes onto the scene. James is tall and attractive, the kind of man that makes women instinctively turn to take a second look when he passes, and Marie is smitten the moment she sets eyes on him. The romance could have been wonderful except that James is not entirely the person he pretends to be — he is violent, abusive, and highly manipulative — and Marie soon finds herself dancing to the rhythm of his dangerous whims. How long can she continue to play the deadly game and can she muster the strength to get herself out of James’ powerful grip?

The Setup is a story that will inspire readers to never give up hope in the fight for justice and freedom. The plot is good and fast-paced, and the author’s voice comes across as unique and charming. Denise Montgomery’s characters are very real and convincing, and the friendships developed around the protagonist are inspiring. At every turn of the story, the reader meets with a promise and looks forward to its fulfillment. The good news is that Montgomery never disappoints. The author knows how to keep readers’ eyes glued to the pages of this gripping story. A rare style of writing for a unique tale of love, betrayal, and redemption!

The black medal bridge in the distance was the guiding force behind the writing of this book. For months on in I had a vision of a bridge whose where abouts were unknown. When I finished the book, I took a ride to Mississippi. Imagine my excitement when I crossed the grand Mississippi River, and glanced to the right; there standing majestic and quiet was the force behind this book.

Enjoy a sneak peak of The Setup.