Just in the Knick of Time!

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Although it’s not like I didn’t have much to say, I’ve noticed that as I get older, it takes me more time to sit down and gather my thoughts. Time becomes more important as you get older.

I have been a senior citizen in the traditional sense for over ten years. I have all the memberships to the senior clubs. I collect the senior magazines and get social security like most other seniors. But I only claimed the title of senior when I the benefits of being a senior suited my needs.  The discounts on travel and restaurants come in handy.

This year was different because I finally accepted that I am getting older; correction, I’m old. My body is beginning to remind me of my limitations. Every morning I wake up I discover a new ache or pain. My date card is not as busy as it was. I guess men my age aren’t as active, or maybe there aren’t many available single men in the senior category. But none of that bothered me. Until recently, I noticed a change in my son’s behavior when he was around me.  He has always been a sweet, caring, and attentive child, but now he has taken on the role of telling me what he thinks is best for me, he tells me what I should do. Last week he said, “Mama, you did a great job; I’m so proud of you.” I had to stop and think for a moment when have you heard that; oh yes, that’s how I have spoken to him all his life. Well, the tables have turned, now I am the child, and my son thinks he is in charge.

I was taken aback at first. I thought the nerve of him treating me like an old lady. I’ll set him down and read the riot act, “I am still your mother.” I’m so glad I came to my senses, calmed down, and considered my options.  This change in behavior didn’t come without benefits. So instead of complaining, allow him to take care of me, at least until he figured out that Mom can still do things for herself, it may just take her a little longer.

Getting older is a joy, and I intend to squeeze every minute of enjoyment that I can out of this time in my life.


Stop wasting time, trying to control time. You have more important things to do with your time.

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