This is NOT the Way!


The CoronaVirus has been in total contol of the airways and social media for the past four months. Every day we have to hear about the rising death toll in America. The virus showed no mercy. It didn’t discriminate; it showed up took it’s victim, black, white, young or old; it simply didn’t care. And for a brief time Americans were working together to defeat a common enemy. We were all staying home battling this foreigh invader and praying; and God heard our prayers. We caught a break things started to reopen and we could breath just a little bit better.

Then things came to a halt, Ahmaud Arbery is gunned down as he takes a jog through his neighborhood. We’re still reeeling from that blow, then BAM! We have to deal with the horrible images coming out of Minneapolis, not just the senseless killing of George Floyld which should be left to the justice system to handle. No I’m referring to the senseless rioting, looting and burning of property which serves absolutely no purpose. Nothing useful can come out of chaos. The burning of the businesses will only result in more unemployment. The neighborhood will suffer, because those businesses will not return. Didn’t we learn anything from the 1965 riot in Watts. Violence begats violence. I guess not. Most of the people participating in the protest probably weren’t even born when the riot occured.

Yes, it was hard to watch the images of a person’s life being snuffed out by a police officer. To witness George Floyd pleading for air is heart wrenching. I’ve been in constant pray for his family as well as the city of Minneapolis. Of course I’m outraged but I’ve lived long enough to know that riots don’t work. Tearing up our own neighborhood is foolish and will do nothing to fix the problem, that doesn’t mean we have to remain quiet. Change can only come through communication.

On the other hand, should we all just sit around and break out in a chorus of We Shall Overcome, no not happending. Should the men responsible be given a fair trial and bought to justice, a resounding yes. We have got to start a dialogue about the real issues that are facing this country. But until then I choose to trust and believe in a God of justice. Maybe I’m naive to believe that things can get better; I certainly hope not. We have a whole generation of young people looking at us; as they wait for us to show them the way. Is this really what we want them to learn?

Romans 13  1-2 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.


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