This is Not the Time.


Whew! This week has been one for the history books. I can’t remember a time when I lost four friends in one week. No, none of the deaths were from the virus all four of the individuals had either succumbed to an illness or got sick a while ago. That said, it hurt even more with everything else that’s happening all around us. It was just last week I was blogging about how we are all doing a great job of showing love and kindness to one another. Every day I’m reading or hearing about something extraordinary happening in the midst of this pandemic. We can not take life for granted, we can not make assumptions, we can’t leave things unsaid for tomorrow; for lack of a better way of saying it: Life is too short. So, after I got over my shock, I realized this is not the time to go hide and throw myself a pity party; especially when I would have to have a pint of chocolate almond ice cream to go with it. No, now is the time to be grateful, and show gratitute and appreciation to those around me.

It’ s just like God to have you practice what you preach. His lessons always come through some simple every day task. Case in point: I was in line at Walmart. You know you have to keep your distance, and I thought I was doing a pretty good job. The customer in front of me was putting the last of his groceries in his cart. I was still over six feet away. The young clerk yelled, “Maam you need to get back.” I looked down at the floor I was standing on the spot indicated on the floor, so I’m wondering what the heck. It’s hard to tell behind the mask, but I’m becoming frustrated, I’m ready to go into defense mode. “Sir I’m standing on the spot.” The clerk continued to argue with me. All of this is happening while the store is blaring the announcement, “Customers please remember to maintain correct social distancing.” This is just a bit too much. Before I could say another word, I hear that still small voice whisper in my ear, “Now is not the time.” Suffice it to say I got my groceries and I left. I realized I wasn’t angry with the young man; I was angry with the situation. Shopping at Walmart has always been the highlight of my week, but this is my not my normal shopping experience. I want normal again. I want to walk through the store and look at my fellow shopper and we all not look like bandits. I know, I get it, it’s not about me; I realize this is not the time.

Isaiah 30:21 And thine ears shall hear a word behind the, saying , This is the way, walk ye in it…

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