This too Shall Pass!

Not a care in the world!
Life goes on!


It’s times like these that we really begin to thank God for life. If you didn’t realize how prescious life is, i’m sure you do now; we really are our brother’s keeper. I began teaching a GED class earlier this year. When I was told I couldn’t go to work I thought I would crack up. I miss seeing my adults. I don’t ever remember a time in 23 years of public school that I could ever say that. It’s true you don’t miss your water till the well runs dry.

I’m doing other things to keep busy: I’ve cleaned every room in the house, I’ve binge watched all the shows on Netflix. I’ve taken walks, I’ve emailed all my friends. All that took about a week. I’ve had enough peace and solitude for a life time. I do understand that it is necessary to maintain good health, and I will comply. I’m in the senior category, as my son continues to remind me. I’m being careful. Staying home, but every day I turn on the news and ask the question, Is it over yet? I guess not.

I was on Facebook the other day, one of the shelters that I normally contribute too was in need of water, so I went to the grocery store to get water, only to realize there is a limit on the amount of water you can purchase. I thought about buying toilet paper for the shelter as well, until I realized there wasn’t any on the shelves. I told myself, There is no need to panic, God is still in control. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Life will return to normal. We just have to be careful how we treat each other during this crisis, when this is over that is the only image that remains. Please take the time to pray for our leaders, all of them. They need our support, not criticism. When you know better, you do better. After all we are all in this thing together.


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