What’s Good on TV?

I was watching TV the other night. I channel surfed through about five shows. Different channels, different titles, same content; sex, manipulation, adultry you get the picture. I sat there thinking, am I becoming too sensitive, or maybe i’m just getting older. I decided it neither of the two. Well, maybe I am getting older, but I think it has to do with the times that we live in when everything is OK to show on television. Anything counts as entertainment.

I don’t want to go down the I REMEMBER WHEN LANE, but I still believe it takes a lot more to entertain the masses; and we should expect more, and even demand better. I enjoy watching a program with a great plot that keeps you guessing to the end. So tonight I turned on an episode of The Prodical Son (great show) I’ve watched the show a couple of time before, but tonight was a game changer; I was capitivated to the end. Great writing does that. Through out the show you pretty much thought it was going one way, only to get to the end and BAM! Got ya! I loved it. I guess i’m saying it not enough of that on TV these days.

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but the TV’s shows that seemed to have been able to hang on throughout the era of reality TV are the shows with similiar themes: action, suspense, intrigue. It’s a reason Law and Order SVU is in its 21th season.

I was having a conversation with my son, who is a millenial he informed me that statistically only old people (you caught that right) still watch regular TV (CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX) stating that most people rely on Netflix and Amazon for entertainment. He went on to tell me that in just a few short years we wont even need the regular channels. I smiled and gave him a hug as I walked him out the door with a, “have a great evening son”. That was just a little too much to take in. Although I have Netflix and Amazon and I enjoy them a great deal. I realized that I am getting older when I have to imagine a day without my olf faithfuls. Suffice it to say I will continue to watch TV and I will probably continue to complain about the quality of the shows, but in the end some kind of entertainment is better than nothing. I guess I’ll watch an episode of the new season of Jack Ryan and call it a night.

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