The Door

I have been praying and hoping and doing everything I could do to get a position that I was certain was mine. I had a great interview in August I have been anxiously waiting to hear from the company. I spoke to other people who told me, “just wait it takes them forever to verify your background, and make sure you are legit person.” They’re advice was cool I took it in stride and when on about my buisness.

Two months have passed, still not a word. Now most of you are probably thinking, didn’t she figure she didn’t get the job when she hadn’t heard from them in over a month. No, I didn’t give up, as I stated earlier this was MY JOB. I have been waiting on this position for years. I called HR today, first off they couldn’t find my file, that surely wasn’t a good sign. Then I was transferred from one department to another, second nail in the coffin. Finally, spoke to a new person that has been on the job less than a month. She had NO clue where my file was, but she looked in the system and said those five dreaded words, THE POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED. My heart sank, my eyes filled with tears, my entire demeanor changed. Mind you i’m sitting in the car in my drive way during this entire conversation. So I get up and walk into the house. After opening my garage door I have to enter through another door. That’s when God spoke. I calmed down.

Sometimes when you ask God to open a door, you may not understand what the implications of opening said door would mean. Opening of one door could mean he has to close other doors that he is preparing. I honestly believe that is the situation in my case. I have been given other opportunities to explore, most of which are out of my comfort zone, but I’m going to explore them none the less.

I’ve said all that to say this: Things are not alway what they appear, rejection can mean protection. Keep the faith.

It’s not about you.

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