Why NOT!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I was excited about MY DAY for the entire week leading up to the big day. My son took me out to dinner, I had a great time, and I came home and did absolutely nothing for the remainder of the evening; and that part was just fine. But he asked me a question that will not quit circling through my mind: “Well, Mama does this year feel any different?” I thought about this for a second and I casually answered NO without much thought to the response. But today, 24 hours later I haven’t been able to think about anything else. Why didn’t turning a year older feel different? Did that mean that I don’t have any expectations of the coming year? Is it that I am not looking forward to the milestone year in which I retired? I came to this conclusion. I don’t want this year to be like any of the past years. I want this year to be better. Which means I need to get off my duff and think about what am I going to do to make this this new year that God has given me better than the last. I don’t want to waste time with birthday resolutions that I will never get too, but I want to live this year. Yes, that’s it I want to live. I have worked my entire life and now I want to LIVE. What ever that looks like and what ever it brings. I’m ready.

I’ll keep you posted on the up coming changes, as the year progresses, we’ll take this thrill ride together.

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