The Right Choice

Have you wondered did you make the right choice regarding your career? When I started teaching, it was supposed to be for about five years, just until I found the perfect job for me. Well, five years has turned into over twenty.  A few months ago I was driving home. I went through the drive-thru at Braums. As I was placing my order the young man  yelled, “Hey Ms. Montgomery.” I thought who is this person calling my name. I drove around to the pickup window there was this young man who God knows I didn’t recall his name. He told me his name and told me I taught him when he was in the third gave over fifth teen years ago. You know I was curious. How did he know it was me? I asked him, “How did you know it was me.” He said,” Ms. Montgomery, your voice hasn’t changed you still sound the same.” Well, I guess I made the right choice. I am so grateful to God that I did. As I enter the second phase of my teaching career.  I would like to help adults  learn how to read. I hope to impact a few more lives.

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Hi Friend!
I love when I see former who have made good choices. I’m thankful that that GOD has used this platform for so many wonderful teacher to reach so many lives!

Hey Linda, how are you. Thank you for responding to my Blog. I’m trying to keep an active voice. There are still so many wonderful teachers out there that need to be encouraged.

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